How to Install gps tracker properly?

GPS make our life easier than before, it can locate the position accurately to navigate our vehicles, and also can navigate the pedestrian. GPS tracker used widely in modern logistics, it can real time track and monitor the location of the vehicle. But sometimes gps tracker will has a little deviation, can not locate the position accurately, why?

1, gps tracker or gps work through satellite signal, if there is no gps signal or poor signal, then the gps locator can not locate and respond to the server. 

2,when you install it, please notice that if you hidden the gps tracker inside perhaps will make the gps tracker can not get good signal because gps signal can not get through metal and concrete structures.

3, Eletronic products effect the gps tracker signal, electronics products always interfere with other products signals like radio frequency, gps signal and some others.

4, work condition, gps tracker have work temperature and humid requirement. If the temperature is too low or too high, and the air is too too humid will effect the gps tracker works.

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