3G WCDMA Car GPS Tracker

 As time goes by, USA, Australia and some other countries' telecom company  stop to supply 2G GSM service. 3G GPS tracking device become necessary. Compare with 2G GSM tracker GPS locator, 3G gps localizador respond will be mor quickly and easy to co-operate.

Our 3G rastreador gps localizador is easy to install, and price is cheap with waterproof function.

G03 Waterproof 3G WCDMA GPS Car Tracker

3G Car locator

Size: 96mm x 50.3mm x 18.5mm

IP66 wateproof shell+power socket

WCDMA/GSM Quad-band frequency;

Real time tracking by SMS/GPRS/WCDMA/platform

ACC ON alarm;

Over speed alarm;

Vibration alarm;

Geo-fence alarm;

Power cut off alarm;

Device status checking

Speeding Power failure alarm

Alarm mode by SMS/calling

Remote cut oil or circuit (optional)

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